My Journey In Flip Flops


People always ask me how I came up with “My Journey In Flips Flops”. It is quite simple really, seven years ago we moved to my native country The Dominican Republic and from the time we arrived I have only worn Flip Flops. So last year when we had the horrible floods, I decided to embark on my journey to help those with the most need I always wore my trusty Flip Flops unless the mud and water levels called for rubber boots. Hence the name “My Journey In Flip Flops”.  

When I think back to those days of torrential rains and rivers rising and washing homes away and people not being able to get food etc…it still makes my eyes fill with tears. To see families with or without babies in despair was just awful. My journey took me to places I could not believe existed and brought me to a gut wrenching reality that would forever be imprinted on my soul.

Through out my journey I have met so many wonderful people that like myself have a burning desire to help those with the most need. My supporters have helped me send kids to school, clothe and feed adults and children. They have helped me bring smiles to these people that are truly in need. Through their loving support they have given hope to these people and continue to do so, and for this I will be forever grateful. On one of my journeys while visiting a village which one of my wonderful friends and supporter was in town he took me to visit a village where he and his wife started a baby feeding program.

I had always wanted to visit this village and see what they had started many years ago. I have to tell you I was truly amazed at how the people in this village respect and love this man and his wife. When ever I discuss visiting this village I always say that when we arrived my friend Bill was greeted by everyone as though there was an election going on and he was the candidate. Everyone followed us shook his hand, asked about his wife, rest of his family and most of all they showed respect and a love for him that not many people receive, the appreciation could be felt in the air.

As we walked this little boy and little girl walked with us and held my hand and followed me where ever I went. At one point when they were eating the little boy asked me where my mother was and I told him that my mother lives in a country far away. He looked at me and said “We will be your parents this way you will never be alone.”

Yes pull out the tissues and dry the tears…to me that was the most sweetest thing that this child could ever say to me. So when ever I refer to them I call them my parents. 



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