Traveler’s Tips

Traveling to Sosua

What to Expect on arrival:

  1. When you arrive at the airport you will have to pay a landing fee of $10 US per person.  They will only accept US cash, so make sure you have some on hand.
  2. You will be welcomed with a friendly smile by the customs officer who will stamp your passport.
  3. If you havent already arranged transportation, you can get a cab from the airport to Sosua.  The standard fee is $25 US.  However if you are feeling a little adventurous (and you do not have too much luggage) you can walk the 1/4 mile out to the main road and get picked up by a Gua Gua (a small van) they will take you to Sosua for 25 pesos (about 60 cents).  You will be stuffed into the van with 10-12 other people so dont expect a comfortable ride.  But it is only about 15 mins to Sosua from the airport.


Depending where you are staying, you will have many options for getting around:

  • Gua Guas travel back and forth along the main road between Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata.  Are they safe?  Safe is a relative term pretty much everybody drives like maniacs but you are not likely to be robbed if that is your concern.
  •  Moto Conchos basically a guy on a motorbike who will drive you to wherever you want to go for a few pesos (25-50)  Decide on the fee before you get on the bike.  Some of the drivers have business cards with cell numbers, and they will come and pick  you up from wherever you are.  If you find one you are comfortable with, it can make getting around quite easy.
  • Tour Buses most tour operators will pick you up at your hotel, or at a central location
  • Cabs you can call for a cab just like anywhere else
  • Free Shuttles many hotels have free shuttles to downtown, some even to the airport
  • Rentals you can rent cars, motorbikes or scooters just be VERY careful the driving is a little chaotic if you get into an accident where someone is injured you will quite likely be put in jail for the night (for your own protection).  If you rent a scooter or motorbike, helmets are mandatory (although the law is only enforced periodically) if you are caught riding without a helmet, they will impound your bike and you will have to pay to recover it.
  • Walking of course you can always walk places.  Is walking safe?  It is only use common sense.  You are in a third-world country where most people are poor. Flashing expensive watches and jewellery might just make you the victim of a crime of opportunity.

The People

Dominican people are friendly! You can start a conversation with basically anyone just by greeting them.  Most people do not speak English but some do.  Dominicans are for the most part easy-going and laid back.  If you are kind to them, they will be the same to you.

The Food

Local fare includes chicken, rice, beans and lots of fresh fruit, seafood and vegetables.  There are a large variety of restaurants with all types of cuisine from all over the world.  Eating out is generally reasonably inexpensive, and most restaurants are clean.  Bottled water is cheap, so most restaurants will only serve bottled water but always be aware of what you are getting. Our Restaurant directory contains listings for most restaurants along with user reviews.

The Beaches

There are a variety of different types of beaches between Sosua and Cabarete.  Quiet coves with hardly any waves, beaches for surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and snorkeling.  Our beaches page has more detailed information.


There are tons of little stores on Sosua Beach, throughout the town of Sosua, and in Cabarete.  If you are looking for souvenirs you can find some uniquely Dominican Jewellery and knick knacks.  There is also a lot of over-priced junk, so use your own discernment.

If you are staying in a condo and you need to buy groceries head over to Supermercado Playero in Sosua, and Janets in Cabarete.  Both are fairly large grocery stores with pretty much everything you will need.  Both will accept US cash, or VISA (when the network isnt down).  They both also have bank machines where you can draw out some cash but be aware that the transaction will cost you about $2.25.


Most hotels and condos include free internet but if yours doesnt, you will find MANY locations throughout both Sosua and Cabarete that have free Wifi.  (We are generating a map of free Wifi locations, and welcome any feedback/input from users on locations we are missing etc.)

Things to do

If you are not content to just spend time at the beach or by the pool, there are lots of things to do and see, including surfing, kite-boarding, wind-surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, zip lining, hiking, cliff jumping, dune buggies.  There are a few sights in Puerto Plata such as the Old Fort, or the cable car up the mountain.  You can also go whale watching, or swim with dolphins/sharks and manta rays.  There is horseback riding on trails or on the beach, and you can hike up water falls and explore caves, and you can feed monkeys.  Many of these things you can do quite inexpensively by yourself, or you can opt to take a tour which is usually a quite a bit more costly but includes meals, drinks etc.  Check out our tours page for more information.

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