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Garden Kids International
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The institution has the approval and follows the Spanish language curriculum of the Dominican Ministry of Education. GKIS is accredited by SACS CASI (Advanced) from United States. The courses studied at the school are valid in all foreign countries in accordance with international treaties to which the Dominican Republic is a party. The English Language program follows the standards from GKIS curriculum, aligned with the Common Core.

The school is constantly upgrading its campus’ infrastructure to acquire the best possible technological resources in order to offer a better quality of service and to provide the best possible preparation for our students.

The unique features of the school include its internationally diverse student, family and stakeholder populations.

In addition, what sets GKIS apart from the other educational opportunities in this area, both private and public, are high expectations for academic competency in both Spanish and English, and attention to the development of character traits such as honesty, responsibility, perseverance, generosity and humility.

Our annual Science Fair includes students in preschool, Elementary, middle and high school. The GKIS small mixed volleyball team participated in a regional tournament in 2014-2015 obtaining many medals.

GKIS led the way in the creation and implementation of a community-wide Annual Spanish Literacy Completion. In this important event more than 15 private and public schools participated. GKIS students were awarded in many positions and with honourable mentions.

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International School Of Sosua
Address: La Mulata 1 El Batey Sosua
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Welcome to the International School of Sosua (ISS)!

ISS is a vibrant, multi-cultural school located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. As soon as you enter the stunning school campus, you will feel comforted by the warm smiles and greetings from students and faculty alike.

ISS is committed to providing our students with an excellent 21st century education in a safe and caring environment. We accomplish this by employing highly skilled and caring professionals who challenge our students through high but attainable expectations. Our curricular and extra-curricular programs provide a rich and robust learning environment that our students thrive in. Our students, and teachers, love coming to school!

At ISS, a strong sense of community is something we very much cherish. As the proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child and we believe our school community is that village. We greatly encourage collaboration amongst students, teachers, parents and administration and see this collaboration as the foundation to establishing an optimal learning environment.

Whether you are currently a part of our community or are interested in finding out more about our school, you are more than welcome to stop by or get in contact with us.


Mr. Colin Brown

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Isla Academy
Address: Playa Laguna 1
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ISLA Philosophy of Learning
1. We want to be happy!
Happiness is a major goal of life and should thus be a major goal of education.
2. We learn by experiencing nature and the world.
The classroom is just one place where we can learn.  Children are powerfully affected, cognitively, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, by their interactions with nature. We sincerely believe that nature is the greatest teacher that inspires creativity and positivity. We do not believe in concrete classrooms, nor that most learning should take place indoors. Indeed, prolonged time in enclosed spaces sealed from the wonder of nature, the beautiful impact of natural light and the warmth that comes from interacting daily with living things, may be detrimental to children’s growth and development.
3. We work best when we work together.
All students, of all ages and abilities, can contribute.  Children learn best when they are engaged with others.  That is, education is primarily a social experience of different ages, with different capacities and potentialities, providing the full richness of human diversity.
4. We are physically fit.  Healthy bodies make for healthy minds.
Being physically healthy is such an important part of living that it must be a central part of education.
5. We always ask, “Why?”
Knowledge must always be accompanied by understanding of its origins and history, thus our teaching will always ask “Why do we know that?” and “How do we have confidence in the truth value of a knowledge claim?”
6. We love all things and we are protectors of the Earth.
Love and caring, two of the most critical of all human emotions, must be cultivated.  The capacity to care and love deeply, in different ways and towards different beings, is key to our humanity.
7. We want to understand: ourselves, our world, and our place in it.
Finding meaning in life is not an abstraction, but something we actively assist students in coming to terms with, through both the angst and the wonder of existence.
8. We are a part of the world and we share common experiences with everyone.
Humans are not complete without a spiritual compass and spiritual experiences. These are fundamental aspects of the human experience; it follows then that it must be a central part of education to expose students to a variety of spiritual experiences and traditions, to promote the ethical and moral development and maturation of our students, and to allow students to immerse themselves in full spirituality.
9. We love technology, but we also know it has dangers.
Our students will be skilled users of technology and be keenly aware of its opportunities and pitfalls.
10. We want to do well, now and in the future.
We believe in finding success, on terms that are sustainable and healthy in the long term.

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