Bill Passmore Underwater Photography

A certified PADI instructor and underwater photographer with over 1800 dives, Bill is a native Canadian who now lives and dives in Sosua.  In June 2015 he initiated, organized and hosts a now monthly clean-up of the local dive sites and the beach, and has his diving videos featured on OEPM Television in the Dominican Republic.  One of his videos is being used by the University of British Columbia psychology department to aid students in relaxing prior to exams.

Bill’s photos have been exhibited for a 3 month run in Casa de Arte in Sosua and were on display in Centro Leon in Santiago, Dominican Republic in June, 2016.  Bill recently had photos on exhibit in Belgrade, Serbia.

Along with a small group of divers, he has started the Sosua Bay Rejuvenation Project to restore Staghorn Corals to the reefs in Sosua.  The project was featured on Jeff Corwin’s “Ocean Treks” TV show on ABC.

After moving to the Dominican Republic, I became quickly aware that there was little if any information available on the wonderful diving here on the North coast of the island.  My initial project was to write a book – Diving Sosua – to highlight the underwater world as well as provide information on Sosua itself, the culture and the activities available that make it the premier dive destination in the Dominican Republic.

The underwater world is a colorful collage of life and the ability to capture this and share it with people truly brings me one of my greatest pleasures in life.  The undersea life is thriving, the reefs are healthy, and the diving is getting better every day.  Sosua is quickly becoming a world class diving destination.

Through my photographs, books and this website I hope I can bring to you a wonderful new world to enjoy.  Please leave a comment or contact me via e-mail for any inquiries regarding my books or photo prints.

Thank-you and hope to see you here in the warm Caribbean waters here in Sosua.
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Garden Kids International


The institution has the approval and follows the Spanish language curriculum of the Dominican Ministry of Education. GKIS is accredited by SACS CASI (Advanced) from United States. The courses studied at the school are valid in all foreign countries in accordance with international treaties to which the Dominican Republic is a party. The English Language program follows the standards from GKIS curriculum, aligned with the Common Core.

The school is constantly upgrading its campus’ infrastructure to acquire the best possible technological resources in order to offer a better quality of service and to provide the best possible preparation for our students.

The unique features of the school include its internationally diverse student, family and stakeholder populations.

In addition, what sets GKIS apart from the other educational opportunities in this area, both private and public, are high expectations for academic competency in both Spanish and English, and attention to the development of character traits such as honesty, responsibility, perseverance, generosity and humility.

Our annual Science Fair includes students in preschool, Elementary, middle and high school. The GKIS small mixed volleyball team participated in a regional tournament in 2014-2015 obtaining many medals.

GKIS led the way in the creation and implementation of a community-wide Annual Spanish Literacy Completion. In this important event more than 15 private and public schools participated. GKIS students were awarded in many positions and with honourable mentions.
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